Peak of the Week

"If this song does not get you groovin', I declare you have no soul." - Apollo, 675 B.C.

Peak of the Week, V. 162

Track: Reba
Artist: Phish
Recorded Live: Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 4/17/92

Comment:  Always been a Reba guy.  The good ones can really transport you.  Fickstein, hizingtons.

(there’s an almost unforgivable half-second break in the sound at perhaps the worst possible time, but put it behind you…this one’s a gem)   

Peak of the Week, V. 161

Track: Repeat After Me
Artist: The Three Sounds
Record: Blue Break Beats - 50 Of The Best 
Year: 2007

Comment: These guys were Blue Note standbys back in the day (late 50’s/early 60’s).  Gene Harris can play piano…stick with it, he goes to town in the second half.

Peak of the Week, V. 160

Artist: Belinda Bedekovic

Comment: Kinda-comedy kinda-super-peaker first place winner…couldn’t have said it better myself, Blubeskis.


Peak of the Week, V. 159

Track: Shakedown Street
Artist: Grateful Dead
Recorded Live: The Spectrum, 4/6/82

Comment: This Jerry/Brent duel and the ensuing guitar solo is hall of fame material.  Philly ragers were peakin’ hard, no doubt.  Forgive me for cutting out a few minutes of meandering vocals before the duel.

Peak of the Week, V. 158

Track: Cherry Pickin
Artist: The Sugarman 3
Record: Sweet Spot
Year: 2001

Comment: The happy sounds of 60’s-esque jazz-funk guitar hammond stew.  Ahhh.  Good call, Freebzrd.

Peak of the Week, V. 157

Track: Congoman Chant
Artist: Ernest Ranglin
Record: Below The Bassline
Year: 1996

Comment: Sir Steiningtons in the house.  Never really knew about this Jamaican guitar legend.  This is a sweet little jazz-reggae hybrid.  Idris Muhammad on drums, Ira Coleman holding down the sick bass.

Peak of the Week, V. 156

Track: Mr. Chicken
Artist: The Soul Seven
Record: Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974, Vol. 1
Year: Released 3/22/05

Comment: These guys knew what it meant to funkin’ peak.

In 1969, at a small historically black school called Bishop College in Dallas, a Band Director, Wendell Sneed, had an idea to assemble six students he led in the school’s Ambassador Marching Band to record some of the hardest-hitting funk songs of all time.”  Stones Throw Records 

Peak of the Week, V. 155

Track: Limb By Limb (peaxtraction)
Artist: Phish
Recorded Live: St. Louis, MO, 8/28/12

Comment: This might be the best thing I’ve ever heard.  Thank you, younger Alex.

Peak of the Week, V. 154

Track: Superfred
Artist: Lettuce w/ Fred Wesley
Record: Outta Here
Year: 2002

Comment: The king.  Add a pinch of Fred Wesley and prepare to peak.

Peak of the Week, V. 153

Track: Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Artist: Pink Floyd
Record: Animals
Year: 1977

Comment: Brilliant.  I love everything about this tune.  Roger Waters’s bass lines are so legit, and every little David Gilmour guitar lick adds tremendous value.  Even the cow bell is a peak.  It’s an 11 minute commitment capped off by a ripping guitar solo that fades out a little too soon for my taste…